Description of our corporate motto

We are industrialists:

The term industrialist refers to people who constantly think and create safer and more useful products quicker, cheaper, more attractively and more environmentally safe way.In other words, industrialists are people who create cultures, and as a result, they greatly contribute towards cultural advancement from an area an industrialist resides, to a county, and consequently to the entire world. It is our senior industrialists of early years who built Japan to this present advanced state from almost nothing in just 60 years.

At all times, respond to the tide:

Both we, and the environment that surrounds us, continuously changes without stopping. 'The tide' - refers to the flow of time and, likewise, trends are something that flows without remaining in one place. As we all know too well, something, which is currently in fashion, will sooner or later become outdated and fade away. Similarly, if we keep to established practices, such practices will be outdated and fall behind the times. Thus, it is essential for industrialists to constantly improve and change the existing situation.
For industrialists, to "respond to the tide" means to always consider the best production method and practices under the current environment and put them into practice.

Maintain the spirit of challenge:

It is no use possessing the right inclination or attitude, if the concrete action does not follow. To actualize one's intention is expressed in other words as "to reform," "to apply kaizen (improvement)" and/or "to develop" a significantly important part to be repeated again and again. Many people resist change. Therefore, a strong mindset is required to continuously come up with new ideas and bring those ideas into reality. Maintaining such a strong mindset is a huge task and, in many cases, the mindset weakens and the ideas are abandoned halfway through. The key to sustaining the initial mindset through to the end is to have a "strong will" to finish what you have started, a "belief" in your own ability to finish, "patience," and most importantly, to be "positive" and keep your spirits high. A person with the above characteristics attracts many people, who are then happy to cooperate. With cooperation, his or her idea will become a reality through the offer of knowledge he or she doesn't possess. It is more satisfying to think "How can I solve this problem?" through positive thinking rather than thinking, "There are so many reasons I cannot do this."

As we are all human beings:

We must possess a sense of dignity as "human beings." In comparison with instinct-driven animals, we, as humans, have a sense of love and appreciation, creativity and decision-making abilities, and powers or skills to create things. Such elements are inherent only in humans. We should be grateful for the fact that we were born as humans with such special powers.

Respect each other's individuality:

It is natural that everyone is different. The difference in people's characteristics, nature, abilities and perception is more clearly evident if one visits a different area or country. Moreover, one person's way of thinking changes in line with the changes in his or her position or status. What must be dealt with at the time of decision-making must be completed through comprehensive understanding and respect for the above facts. Once a decision has been made, those who were initially opposed to the decision must cooperate and assure the success of it. A cleanup hitter who is keen to swing must lay down a successful bunt if it was already been decided to do so. It is best for the team to win the game.

To value the proprieties:

The term, 'propriety,' refers to good manners and reasonable behavior, but to put it in simpler terms, it is to express "one's gratitude" in some form. Of course, just expressing oneself in some form is not adequate unless you always convey the sense of gratitude. The important thing is to be "thankful" even when you are not so in addition to when you are actually pleased. Both terrible and pleasant experiences can be valuable lessons. We should try, on a regular basis, to be "thankful" for those experiences. It can be said that we are able to work thanks to the very presence of the products to be plated. We should be "thankful" to the people and products who have had and which have association with our business. A person does not exist on his/her own, but exist through a web of complex inter-connectedness of many people. As you become more grateful towards everything, your mind will be enriched without realizing it. Money is required to live a bountiful life, but above all, you need a rich mind.

To be open and above board:

To be open and above board is to observe fairness and speak from a comprehensive standpoint. People often complain behind closed doors after something has been carried out, dragging many surrounding people into a negative standpoint. Our company does not need such people. Please commit yourself to speaking out when and where you should be doing so, and if you have realized that you were in the wrong, have the right attitude to think, "I was wrong, thank you for making me realize it." The kind of person our company needs is someone who can think and speak out what it necessary to our company though balanced perspectives objectively, without inserting one's own personal ambition and position, or without being preoccupied with short-term interests.

What we may become in ten year's time:

A bright future will be open and ahead of us, when we comprehend and act according to the above guidelines. Let us conduct ourselves with an image of our enriched lives in ten year's time.

Technological advisor Kouji Takada

"Innovator in the sky"

Kouji Takada

1935-2007 Special honorary adviser on technology.

50 years ago, Takada broke major grounds in the field of chrome plating.
His inventions drastically improved the efficiency of aircrafts, thus reducing many landing accidents.
The breakthroughs he made 50 years ago still remain to be the de facto standard in the industry.

Chrome plating is "an integrated technology" Takada always said.
Knowledge of chemistry, electricity, engineering and metals are freely combined together for the best possible outcome.

Cutting edge technology = Cutting edge people.

We will continue to pursue innovation.
We will continue to value pride in human creativity.
For a more "delightful!" future.

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