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Evolving With Manufacturing Industries

Teikoku Mekki Co., Ltd. (now Teikuro) started operations in 1952 as a metal-plating plant for industrial parts. Later, the company was recognized by industrial customers for its expertise in the plating of automotive stamping dies, and the company further enhanced its technological innovation and facility development. As Japanese automakers started overseas operations, Teikuro has also expanded its operations into the United States, Thailand, and other regions of the World. Today, the company is a reliable partner of many leading industrial companies in Japan and abroad. Teikuro continues to evolve with manufacturing industries.

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World Network

A World-leading Company Building on Technology

Currently, Teikuro operates in four location in Japan and ten location abroad. In Japan, the company does business throughout the country satisfying customer demands for shorter lead-time and lower cost using a powerful network of affiliated companies. Teikuro also offers its quality products abroad, in various regions of the World including North America, Asia, and Europe.

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The People at Teikuro

"The Skills of the People" is our latest and most advanced technology.

Our latest technology, which we are extremely proud of, is in fact our employee's skill itself. The plating process, which is impossible to perform by machine or computer, is realized by the means of our engineers' free thinking and our craftsmen's manual work.
Teikuro, greatly values such "skills that are unique to humans alone." The diverse range of human resources combined with various skills and expertise from an array of industrial fields and research institutes assemble at Teikuro for employment. Such valuable human resources are described as, "Cutting edge technologists," at Teikuro.

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Corporate Philosophy

Facing Challenges with Pride

Our mission is to help all industries in the World develop, as a leading partner that always meets expectations. This requires us to fully understand customer needs, to keep facing challenges with continued passion, and to do things in a fair way. We think that this is the path we should follow. Facing challenges with pride as an industrial company - this is who we are.

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Customer appreciation is our pride.

Lines of Business

Supporting the World's Manufacturing

Based in a city of manufacturing well known to the World, Nagoya, Japan, Teikuro has met many diversified needs and developed rich experience and know-how. It is these achievements that support a quality that never disappoints its customers. Teikuro promises to meet your expectations with its expertise, which ranges from giant stamping dies to micro-components of one tenth of a millimeter. To maintain its position as a reliable business partner, the company actively works on technological innovation.

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Photo courtesy of Denso Corporation.

Core competences

The chemists and technicians supporting Teikuro's quality

The high quality of our products is supported by the constant innovation of the chemists in our laboratories and the skills of experienced technicians on the shop-floor. Their ambition and scientific creativity have been the driving force in our development. Our product quality lies in the high level technology and skills we have developed to meet the strenuous demands of our customers. Teikuro goes on evolving, so it can continue to evolve, so as to always offer top quality products and services 10 years from now.

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